International Jousting League


Deutsche Tjostvereinigung

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Greetings and welcome to the website of the

International Jousting League Germany

"Deutsche Tjostvereinigung"

The "Deutsche Tjostvereinigung" was created

based on the IJL 2011

The IJL- League was created in 2004 to provide riders

with a unique cometetive and safe enviroment

to fit their passion for historical equestrian sport





The League supports affiliates'equestrian, historical, competitive interest especially in Germany
The League examines tournaments affiliation files in Germany.
The League advertises regulations of the affiliated tournaments.
The League publishes the results of the affiliated tournaments.
The League sends the inforations to IJL to compute the international ranking of its affiliates.
The League provides information and advices for tournaments organizers.

Each IJL affiliated group or individual remains independent

so the Deutsche Tjostvereinigung agrees to respect  the International Jousting League protocol

established by the Board of Representatives and enforced by IJL Auditors at affiliated events.