We provide two free meals each day for each competitor, hay, strew, water and paddock for horses.
 It will be historical camping. (If you need a tent let us now early)

Please check your local requirements for international horse transport (veternarity check, pass, transport documents).
Horse needs flue vaccination. Veterinery authority is "Landratsamt Gammelsdorf". Veterinary will be on call.

A little battle inscination with horses will run on thursday - saturday, on sunday historical parade.
There is a big riding area to be used especially during fireshow. Shooting will be in town.

Organizer:   Societas-Equestris e.V.
                         Melanie Mayr-Kiener
                         80939 Muenchen
                         Tel: 0049-173 353 7601
                        85408 Gammelsdorf

You can drive from Landshut A92 > B299 > Arth > Gammelsdorf
Hotels:    Landgasthof Linden (8,59km)
                  www.landgasthof-linden.de  (58 EUR)

                  Locanda del Castello (9,38km)
                  +49 8709 1753 (74EUR)


Targeting:   2 Pts Hit and Break at Shield
                      1 Pts Hit and Break at Breast
                      0,5Pts Hit no Break
                     -2Pts Hit at Head

BEWARE OF HORSE HITS!!!Disqualification!!! Actual LineUp on http://societas-equestris.de/gammelsdorfb.html, not completely fixed

Skills at arms - Targets moving and standing, time will be taken for the case of same points, it will be parcour with sword, shield and lance

Exact parcour and exact timetable will be listed on this page on 6. August.


Prices:   1 - 3 place = Skill at Arms
              1 - 3 place = sport joust division
              1st over all "Champion of battle of Gammelsdorf 2013"
     (60% joust, 40% Skill at Arms). You need not take part in both divisions, this is only necessary for over all championship.
Used equipment:    > 30mm balsa for lances (will be provided)
                                        > breast, shoulder,leg protection (harnish or similar protection)
                                        full closed helmed, jousting shield, gloves

for Skill at Arms:  > medival clothes or armor

                                               The Divisions:           > sport joust          > skills at Arms

                                                           testing Skills at Arms 12 - 12:30h on Thursday
                                                                       Jousting           16:30 - 17h on Thursday
                                                                Everyday one jousting, one Skills at arms tournament

Please care for save weaponhandling and a fair shield presentation. Check your equipment bevor getting into the area.
open IJL Tournament (IJL affiliation running)

 Schlacht von Gammelsdorf 
       15. - 18. August 2013